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  • Quad Core Intel® Processor up to 1.33 GHz
  • Pocketable Micro PC Experience
  • Transform any HDMI Display in to a Computer
  • Ultra Mobile PC
  • 2GB Ram & 32GB Storage
  • Super Slim design / Brushed metal finish casing
  • Specifically designed for your needs
  • Windows 8.1 pre-installed 
  • Preloaded Languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian
CPU Intel® Atom™ Processor Z3735F (2M Cache, up to 1.33GHz)
CPU Type Quad Core
Memory 2GB DDR3
Storage 32GB eMMC (24.8GB Free Space)
Bios Insyde 8MB UEFI
Operating System Windows 8.1
Display Via HDMI
Wifi; Bluetooth 802.11bgn; 4.0
Button / Indicator Power, OS / Power
Input / Output 1 x Micro USB, 1 x USB 2.0, 1 x Micro SD card reader
Dimensions 110.9 * 38 * 9.8 mm
Weight 38 grams
Accessories HDMI cable, QSG, Charger

What the press is saying...


Good Housekeeping Institute – April 2015

Carrie-Ann Skinner, Senior Consumer Researcher, Good Housekeeping Institute

“We think the Hannspree Micro PC is a great idea for when you want to share what’s on a PC screen without crowding round a laptop. It's small enough that it can easily be kept in a drawer or cupboard and simply plugged in when you need it.”


PC Advisor – May 2015

“This lets you turn any monitor or TV into an all-in-one PC with full-blown Windows”


PC Pro – May 2015

“In a modern office it could serve as the ultimate hot-desking tool”


XS Reviews – April 15

“The Hannspree Micro PC is an engineering marvel; I’d never have thought that a dongle of this size could be used to power a full Windows PC and be capable of so much.”


Gadget Speak - April 2015:

“Small is perhaps an inadequate word in this case. I have reviewed mini PC’s before but never something smaller than even a small mobile phone and this PC runs Windows 8.1”


Crowded Brain – April 2015

“once setup correctly it could offer an ideal solution for remote working, presentations or streaming multimedia content in HD!”


Computer Active – 4th March 2015

“We’ve seen plenty of mini PCs, but the Hannspree MicroPC is by far the smallest to date”


AV Forums – March 2015

“For those who find themselves frequently remote working from home, the lower power/high transportability combination is quite compelling and the Hannspree Micro PC functions well as a remote desktop for relatively little money. “


Web User – February 2015

“If you travel a lot, it’s an excellent investment”


Micromart – February 2015

Editor’s Choice Award!

“A superb tiny PC, with more than enough performance”


Eurogamer – February 2015

“the Micro PC is an undoubtedly a cool little device rich with potential”



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Great reasons to buy this Micro-PC


1) Compact Design and Versatile
Whether it's in your house or office, the HANNspree Micro-PC is perfect for all your needs thanks to its space-saving design and versatile placement options. 


2) Pocketable PC Experience
The HANNspree Micro PC is one of the smallest computer in the market. Just load it up with your digital content and slip it in your pocket to bring your HD video and personal data anywhere. A full PC experience in less than 10cm and 40 grams. 


3) Specifically Designed for Your Needs
No longer the size or noise steal the scene for your computing needs. The HANNspree Micro-PC is easy to hide for a new experience that is out of sight and sound. 

Quad Core Intel® Atom™ Processor up to 1.33 GHz


The Intel® Atom™ Z3735F is a power-efficient Quad Core CPU and is part of the Bay Trait-T platform. 
The Z3735F integrates four cores clocked to 1.33Ghz providing 2Mb of cache. 
The CPU features Intel HD Graphics


The processor cores are based on the new Silvermont architecture. The increased utilization of the pipeline and many other improvements have increased the performance per clock by about 50 percent.
Thanks to 4 CPU cores and the improved performance per clock, the Z3735F is significantly faster than previous Intel Atoms. 


Thanks to the specially optimized 22nm low-power design process with Tri-Gate transistors, performance and energy efficiency have been significantly improved compared to its predecessor.



 The HANNspree Micro-PC SNNPDI1B is equipped with a 32Gb of eMMC internal memory that allows you to store music, videos, application, all the data content you need and much, much more. 

Thanks to this new storage format and an architecture that has been adapted to make optimum use of the Windows 8.1, the Micro-PC achieves superb performance in memory management, meaning faster and more fluid multi-tasking. 

A fast and efficient 2Gb DDR3 RAM completes the package. DDR3 is a high speed and high bandwidth RAM.

Great Connectivity

Connecting to Wi-Fi networks
Built-in Hi-speed Wi-Fi module, will provide you with fast access to all things you like and will help you stay in touch with your friends, family and business partners using emails and social networks. 
Share content on your HANNspree Micro-PC with other devices quickly and easily. Activate the Bluetooth connections, synchronise the devices and job done! You can transfer any file in a matter of seconds – with no need for cables or Internet connections. 
Micro SD expansion Slot 
A Micro SD expansion slot* supports an additional 128GB** of storage.

*Please note Micro SD card is not included with the HANNspree Micro-PC / **The above SD Cards have been subjected to functionality tests. However, please note that we do not guarantee the performance of these products.


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Please check with Hannspree authorized representatives for the availability of specific products in your area. 


Hannspree reserves the right to alter design and specifications as well as to change the accessories with equivalents without notice.

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