Innovative interactive multimedia kiosks, featuring HANNspree tablet PCs, in more than 180 branches of VetroCar to survey real-time customer satisfaction.



Lottomatica is part of the International Game Technology (IGT) group, which operates globally in more than 100 countries around the world in the field of technologies, products and services for games and betting.



Better has a network of betting professionals with over 1,500 retail outlets throughout Italy, an online site, a telebetting system and a mobile channel. Always updated on any type of sport, it offers rankings, results, betting types and more. In every Better Point you will find the new, modular, modular corners, designed in a functional and welcoming manner to offer a more advanced and more enjoyable gaming experience, dynamic entertainment and self-service access.



TEST MUSIC is a specialist in development, design and construction methodologies both in the field of classical and virtual organics. Virtual organs - virtual pipe organs or VPOs - use the Hauptwerk software, which makes the most prestigious and popular cane organs in the world accessible to all musicians.



ESC SOFTWARE is a software house which for many years has been invested in the research, developement and distribution of softwares for business and Retail, creating Windows, Android and IOS mobile environments.



The Real and Imagined Cityscapes of Post-War Britain is the ambitious headline exhibition of the Spring 2017 Architecture programme at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. The display explores the complex and frequently contested interactions between the futures that Britain’s post-war cityscapes were designed to help bring about and those that actually played out in reality.



FAS INTERNATIONAL is a vending machine producer since 1967. In 50 years of activity, the Company has always been synonymous for excellence, product variety that satisfies the customer needs and with the added ability of implement innovative technologies. This strategy has brought great growth to FAS in terms of sales turnover, structural dimension and number of customers.













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