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How do I retrieve installed applications after a factory data reset?

Simply install it again from the original App Center. The App center will not charge for the application again if it was already purchased. The purchase record is associated with your user account.

How do I remove an application I installed?

Click "Settings" → "Applications" → "Downloaded applications" and then select the application you wish to uninstall.

How do I locate a file downloaded from the internet? (Not from the app centre)

The system will create a folder called "download" using the internal storage SD card and store all downloaded files. 

How do I set up wireless wi-fi connection?

'Turn on the WiFi

Press the WiFi Icon on the top right corner of the screen (status bar) or from "Settings" → "Wireless networks" → "Wi-Fi".

Find a WLAN

Select a network from "Settings" → "Wireless networks" → "Wi-Fi" → "Wi-Fi Settings". Your Phone will automatically search for available networks. Enter the network password if applicable – ensure this is typed correctly if you cannot connect first time

Add WLAN manually

Press "Add Wi-Fi network" from "Settings" → "Wireless networks" → "Wi-Fi" → "Wi-Fi Settings". Enter the Network SSID and select Security type. Select Save to finish.

Why am I unable to locate my bluetooth device?

'Make sure both Bluetooth devices are turned ON. The Phone Bluetooth can be turned ON from "Settings" → "Wireless networks" → "Bluetooth".

Make sure both Bluetooth devices are within the maximum Bluetooth range. (i.e. within 10 meters).

Why can I not find the wireless access point for an internet connection?

Make sure the access point is working.

If the access point can not be found from the Phone automatically, manually set up the access point from "Settings" → "Wireless networks" → "Wi-Fi" → "Wi-Fi Settings" → "Add Wi-Fi network".

If the access point is still missing after manual set up, the Wireless channel of the access point might not be in the built-in channel list.

User can manually select the Wireless channel of the access point from "Settings" → "Wireless networks" → "Wi-Fi" → "Wi-Fi Settings" → "Advanced Settings" → "Regulatory domain".

Should i apply the "factory data reset" after a system update?

Our recommendation is to apply the "Factory Data reset" after system update in order to improve even further the performance.

All the updates will be applied automatically once the OTA (over the air) update has completed.

If you want to apply "Factory Data reset", please be aware that all installed applications and personal data will be erased (emails, contacts...etc.).

Why could search BT device with iPhone, but can not to connect?

iPhone system is iOS and the BT protocol is different from Android's.

So normally Android can't support iPhone's BT.

Note: About other device of Apple will be the same situation.

PS: Some special device can support both of iOS and Android's BT because of they

combine two protocol systems in one platform.

Do the sn50mc1 usb ports support usb charging?

Yes, SN50MC1 USB port does support USB charging. However charging from a USB Port may take longer than charging the Phone using the provided AC adapter.

I have forgotten my passcode. How do get back into my device?

Occasionally we forget our passcode in order to re enter the device you will need to do a full factory reset.  This will erase any information on the Phone and reset all account information to factory defaults.

Follow the below steps:

A: Press hard key to restore initial status.

1. Power off the Phone

2. Hold VOL then press Power key at same time (about 4 seconds) until the hannspree logo appears.

3. Select to “wipe data/factory reset” than press power key.

4. Select to “Yes- select all user data” than press power key.

5. System will show wiping data / formatting data and data wipe complete. When completed to select ”reboot system now”.

Why wont the screen on my Phone auto rotate?

For Android 4.4; Please check upper right corner settings of “ROTATATION LOCKED”.

If yes, please change it to “AUTO ROTATE”

NOTE: Some apps are designed for mobile phone only, so the app may not support the auto rotate function. Also the Home Screen is locked in portrait mode.

How Do I recover the phone to factory default settings?

Click "Settings" → "Security" → "Factory data reset" to clear all user settings and recover the system to the default status.

WARNING: All installed applications and personal data will be erased (emails, contacts...etc.). Data saved in the internal storage like photos, music files etc will not be erased. Make sure to back up files.

How do I delete all the information from my phone?

If you need to reset your device to the factory default settings for any reason please follow the process below:


!!WARNING!! Please be aware that any information currently on the device will be permanently erased.

Go to application window and press settings.

Pick Backup & Reset

Select Factory data Reset – Leave the erase SD card option unticked and touch Reset Phone.

Select Erase Everything.

My Phone is informing me that I am running out of storage when trying to install new apps or update current apps.

By design 16/8 GB of internal storage is partitioned with 1/2GB(model dependant) for just apps and the remainder for media.
This way if the unit needs to reset or be formatted the files saved in the partition for media can be left untouched.

There is no way to change the partition sizing but some apps can be moved over to this media partition. (app developer support dependant). 

The guide: HERE can show you what apps are taking up space and how to move apps. 

How do i disconnect a micro sd card from phone?

It is recommended to remove the Micro SD card from "Settings" → "Storage" → "Unmount SD card".

Why Is the Inserted Micro Sd Card Not Working or Showing "Damaged Sd Card" on the System Status (Ongoing Tasks)?

'Make sure the SD card is not damaged.

Removing the SD card inappropriately may cause SD card detection fail

When an SD card is inserted, go to "Settings" → "Storage" → "SD card" → "Mount SD card" to engage SD card manually or simply re-insert the SD card.

Where do i find the micro sd card storage i inserted?

'To insert an SD Card, Gain purchase of the back cover on the the top of the device and gently pry the cover off . Slowly and carefully move your finger across the cover to disengage the buckles.Insert the SD card gold contacts down and first in to the SD card slot and replace the cover by gently pressing the cover to re-engage the buckles. A small click will sound to tell you the cover is secure               'In Home screen, enter File Manager and you should find the external storage "sdcard".

Folder "SD card" represents external Micro SD card storage.

Folder "USB storage" represents internal storage

How do i know if there is a software update for the device and how do i apply the software update?

Occasionally our Phones will have a firmware update available to fix bugs or improve certain features. Please ensure you have connected your Phone to a WIFI access point and plug your Phone directly into the mains or have sufficient battery (>50%) to complete the operation. As power loss during the update process may cause your Phone to become unusable.

• Make sure the device WiFi is connecting to internet.

• Go to "Settings" → "About Phone" → "HSP system updates".    

• Follow the instruction on the pop up screen when there is an update available.

  (The online update depends on WiFi strength. It may take longer to download the Software from the server when WiFi strength is weak.)

How do I find the Software (UI) Version from the device?

The Software (UI) version can be found in "Settings" → "About Phone". 

How to check the Phone if the Phone cannot be turned on?

 - If the power is low, connect to the electric outlets.

 - Press and hold the POWER/ Force-off button for 8 seconds until the Hannspree logo appears.

 - Check the video display system is not in the external monitor mode.

Does the sn50mc1 support gps location function?

Yes, SN50MC1 does have GPS and supports Location function.

Does the SN50MC1 support vibration?

Yes, SN50MC1 does support Vibration function.

Does the Phone USB port support host function and external devices?

 -Micro USB does not support OTG function.

Where to find the sim card slot on the device? / does the sn50mc1 support 3g function?

SN50MC1 does  have 3G function, The dual SIM card Slot is found under the cover on the back of the SN50MC1. Gain purchase of the back cover on the the top of the device and gently pry the cover off . Slowly and carefully move your finger across the cover to disengage the buckles. Insert your SIM in to the desired SIM slots and replace the cover by gently pressing the cover to re-engage the buckles. A small click will sound to tell you the cover is secure

How to set up email account? (i.e. Gmail)

From Home screen, press "Email Icon" -> "Account setup". 

1. Enter your google email address and password, and click "Next". 

2. Follow the setup steps.

How to clean the device?

Wipe the device using a clean cellulose sponge or chamois cloth (i.e. 3M clean cloth)

 - For preventing wrong operation, it is suggested to clean the device after power off.

Why is the touch panel not responding (the screen display is working)?

'Remove the batterty and press the power button to check whether the Phone can be booted into system or not.

Enter Phone main page, press Volume button to test whether the volume is working or not. (check whether the system is responding or not)

If the system can be rebooted and the volume button is working, the touch sensor function might have failed. Please contact your local service provider for assistance.

What is the pixel policy of my phone in case you’ve got some bright pixels or dead pixels on your phone, are they covered under warranty?

LCD displays are made up of a set number of pixels and each pixel is made from 3 sub-pixels -one Red, one Blue and one Green. Every sub-pixel is addressed by its own transistor and so the manufacture of a glass substrate is very complex.

Hannspad Phones are covered by a 0/4/4 pixel policy: 0 bright dots / 4 dark dots / 4 total defect dots.

Only products above this tolerance will be considered as defective and thus will be treated under Warranty.

How do i type special characters from the virtual keyboard in device (i.e. À á â ã ä å)?

On the virtual keyboard, simply tap and hold on a particular letter to bring up special characters for selection. (i.e. when you tap and hold on letter "a", special characters "à á â ã ä å" will be displayed for selection.)

Where can i download the user’s manual for my new phone?

All of our Phone manuals can be downloaded from the product page on our website: http://www.hannspree.eu/en/phone/SN50MC1

How do I prolong the usage time of my battery?

Adjust the brightness of the Screen to a lower level in "Brightness setting".

Turn down the volume.      

Reduce the amount of time before your Phone’s screen enters sleep in "Screen timeout setting".

Turn off Wireless (WLAN, Bluetooth) when not in use.

Close non useable apps.

Close unused applications: tap the Multi-task then slide left or right the selected applications

How many hours should it take to fully charge the battery?

For the first two times of charging the battery, the charging time may take up to 10 hours; succeeding times may take up to 4 hours.

During charging, the battery icon on the screen will scroll.

When charging is complete, the battery icon will turn green and stop scrolling.

Note: We suggest powering off the device to plug in the power adapter for charging.

The battery on my device runs out very quickly, what can I do?

When the product is not in use, be sure to turn off the device.

Switch OFF WiFi / Bluetooth and close unused apps to save battery.

If you have network applications running in the background (that are auto launched at boot, i.e.: checking the weather every 2 minutes) this will have an impact on the battery drain.

A screen set to maximum brightest also drains energy from the device. Set your device as well to have its screen go off after 2 minutes of non-use.

These things will help your battery conserve energy

No sound during music and video playback.

Make sure the speaker is not covered by any objects.

Make sure the volume isn't turned down all the way or muted.

Music on your Phone may have been be paused. If you are using headphones with a play button, try pressing the play button to resume playing.

I'm not able to install further app as the internal storage is full. What can I do?

Please check under Settings if some apps can be moved to SD card.

Why I can’t sign-in Play Store although the Wifi is connected?

Please check if the date and time under Settings are correct.

Files have been copied to the internal memory but player can’t find them.

Please restart the unit and try the player again.

Cannot power on the device? Cannot see the scrolling battery Icon when the charger is connected?

Remove and reinsert the battery ensuring the contacts of the battery line up with the pins.

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