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How do I mount my TV to the wall?

Please refer to the user manual.

What is the warranty period of a Hannspree product?

Hannspree TVs are covered by a Pick Up, Repair and Return warranty (PURR). This warranty is valid for 2 (two) years from the date of the original purchase of the product. You will be required to provide the valid original purchase receipt to obtain warranty service.

My Hannspree product may need repair. What should I do?

Please contact our Technical Service Agent to confirm whether or not you require service, and if you are within the warranty period outlined in this manual.

Should the need for service arise, please contact the local Hannspree Customer Service center. You can find the repair center list at the dedicated section of our website:


What is Hannspree's pixel policy?

Please click here to download a PDF informing you about our pixel policy and how to proceed.

How do I clean the screen?

Disconnect the power before cleaning. Wipe the screen with a dry clean, soft, lint-free cloth to remove dust and fingerprints. You must NEVER use ammonia or alcohol based cleaners as they may damage the screen.

How do I clean the frame?

Disconnect the power before cleaning. Wipe the outer shell with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth (apply a small amount of non-ammonia, non-alcohol based glass cleaner if necessary). To avoid damage to the coating, NEVER use alcohol, methanol, gasoline, or oil products on the outer shell.

How do I clean the plush outer covering?

Disconnect the power before cleaning. To remove loosely attached dust, lightly pat the plush outer covering. NEVER pull or twist the plush cover to avoid causing damage. NEVER attempt to wash or dry clean the plush covering as it may cause un-recoverable damage to your TV set. For further information, please contact your Hannspree Technical Service Center.

How do I maintain the leather outer covering?

Keep your product dry and protect it from direct sources of heat, steam, or sunlight. NEVER rub or apply excessive pressure to the leather outer skin with hard, sharp, or abrasive objects to avoid any possible scratches. If cleaning is necessary, disconnect the power before cleaning. Wipe the leather outer covering with a clean, soft cloth. NEVER use soap or solvent based cleaners as they might cause un-recoverable damages. For further information, please contact your Hannspree Technical Service Center.

How do I contact Customer Service?

Contact the Hannspree Technical Service Agent in your Country directly

E-mail: webservice_eu@hannspree.net

Please refer to the "Hannspree Technical Service Center" list you find in the package of the product you purchased.

My product was damaged during installation. What can I do?

The limited warranty does not cover damages to the product from faulty or improper installation or mishandling. However, please contact our Customer Service Center. Our Technical Service Agent will be very happy to help you in determining whether the repairs are covered by the limited warranty and in obtaining the necessary repairs.

My product may need repairs. Where can I take it?

Please contact our Customer Service. Our Technical Service Agents will help you conduct simple troubleshooting and fix minor problems. If your product needs repair, we will arrange service for you. If the repair is not covered under warranty, we will explain the repair process and costs in advance before the repair.

How long will it take to repair? How do I check the status of my repair?

In most cases it will take between five to ten business days from the time we receive your product. To minimize the inconvenience during the repair, our Customer Service will keep you informed of the repair status. You may also contact our Customer Service or make an inquiry on our Website at any stage of the process.

Nothing happens when I attempt to turn the television on. What should I do?

Ensure the power cord is inserted securely in the television’s power socket, if you are powering from the remote please ensure that the batteries in the remote control are properly charged.

There is no image on screen after the power is turned on. What should I do?

Check if the source cables are properly connected. Refer to "Getting Started" section of your television user manual for how to connect a device to your television.

There is an image on the screen but no sound after the power is turned on. What should I do?

Ensure that you have not accidentally pressed the mute button and that the volume is at a sufficient level. Make sure the audio cable is connected securely.

The picture quality is poor and there is ghosting or static. What should I do?

Make sure the cable is tightly secured at both the wall outlet and the unit to prevent picture noise caused by a weak signal. Picture noise may also result from external interference (e.g. passing motor vehicles, high frequency machines, fluorescent lighting, hair dryers, etc.). You may need to move the location of your signal cable or antenna away from possible sources of interference.

The picture is blurry, too bright (or dark), the images are overlapping or volume is unbalanced. What should I do?

Using the remote control or the front panel to access the On-Screen Display (OSD) menu system, enter the "MAIN MENU" and adjust the appropriate settings.

The remote control does not function properly. What should I do?

Ensure that the batteries in the remote control are new, installed correctly, and replace as needed.

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