HANNSpad 10.1" HD - T74B


HANNSpad 10.1" HD - T74B - 0
  • 10.1inch Quad-core powered HD tablet
  • Android 4.4 Kit Kat
  • Quad Core / ARM Cortex-A9 / 1.3 GHz
  • 10.1" IPS LED Backlight Panel / 1280x800
  • 16 GB Internal Memory
  • Super Slim design / Brushed metal finish casing
  • HDMI Output
  • Bluetooth/WiFi
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Brand Hannspree 
Model  SN1AT74
Screen  10.1“ 1280 x 800 IPS
Sensor / Points Multi-touch / 10 points 
Processor  Quad Core ARM 1.3GHz
Memory  1GB DDR3 
Internal Storage  16GB (NAND FLASH)
External Storage  Micro-SD x1, Max. 32GB
WLAN  IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 
Bluetooth  BT4.0 
Camera  Front : 0.3MP / Rear : 2MP
Microphone  Built-in
Speakers Output  2x 1W
Headphones Output  1x 3.5mm
USB  Micro-USB 2.0 x1 (OTG), Battery Charging Function, Supported USB Keyboard / Mouse / Flach Disk / 2.5” HDD
HDMI Output 1x Mini HDMI
G Sensor  Yes, 10 bit
3 Axis Accelerometer  Yes 
LED Indicator  N/A
Battery Type  3.7V Li-Polymer, 6000mAh
Battery Life  ≥ 6 hours 
Power Adapter  AC 100V~240V , DC 5V / 2.6A 
Battery Operating Temperature  Standard charge 0 ~ 45 °C
Back Cover Material  Metal
Keys  Power, Vol + / -
Dimension (W*D*H mm)  179.9mm x 9.8mm x 263.2mm 
Packing Dimension (W*D*H mm)  203mm x 55mm x 303mm
Color Black/White/Red
Packaging  Color Carton
Net Weight  620g
Gross Weight  1150g
Operating System  Android 4.4 Kit Kat
Additional Apps  SoftMaker Office, ES File Explorer
Supported Audio Formats  MP3, MIDI, WAV, PCM, OGG
Supported Image Formats  JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF
UI Language  Android Default
Quick Start Guide and Warranty Card Multi-Language (EN, IT, GE, FR, SP, PT, NL, DAN, PL, RUS)
User Manual  Multi-Language (EN, IT, GE, FR, SP, PT, NL, DAN, PL, RUS) in electronic format (PDF)
Accessory  1x Micro-USB cable 1.2m
Certification  CE EMC, CB, RoHS, CE R&TTE, WEEE, REACH
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Quad Core Power

Quad-Core powered processor boost up for smooth performance


Achieve the fastest speed with the New Generation High Performance Quad Core processor, ARM Cortex A9, 1.3Ghz, with 30% Performance Improvement*.


Thanks to a New Generation Quad Core ARM CPU, powered by ActionsSemi ATM7029B chipset, PowerVR SGX540 Quad Core GPU, the HannsPad 10.1” HD SN1AT74, makes mobile computing, multimedia, communications and home entertainment easier and more convenient than ever!


The HannsPad 10.1” SN1AT74 features a powerful 1.3 Ghz Quad-Core CPU that puts fast and responsive web-browsing, as well as smooth HD Videos and games at your fingertips. Enjoy faster web page load times, higher performance for demanding applications, the best multitasking performance and a high quality gaming experience all with lower power consumption.


* Compared with the CPU on our previous model SN1AT71 (CPU:ATM7029)

Screen Comparison

10.1 IPS Screen Technology / 1280x800 HD Resolution


The 1280 x 800 resolution of the HannsPad 10.1” HD means that you will see every detail of your pictures and videos with sharp, truly vivid colors, perfect for your enjoyment.


Thanks to IPS technology the HannsPad 10.1” HD has 178° Ultra Wide viewing angles providing you the perfect view of the screen from any position, with no blind spot to enable you to share your tablet experience in every situation


16:10 is the best format for viewing videos and movies. You can enjoy them in full-screen format, without those annoying upper and lower black bars that steal screen space and make viewing less comfortable. Browsing and gaming are also improved, resulting in perfect harmonisation between the display and the application.

10-Point Multitouch

10-Point capacitive touch, the best touch screen experience with support for multi-gesture touch and swipe control


HannsPad 10.1” HD SN1AT74 features a superior 10-point capacitive multi-touch display for responsive input whether you're surfing the net or playing games. The device responds quickly while taping, draging or swiping



Quality and Design

Premium and Modern Design


With its slim and sleek brushed metal finish casing, the HannsPad 10.1” HD SN1AT74 is stylish, super thin and light. At just 9.8mm thick and weighing only 620g it’s the perfect tablet solution for your mobile Android™ experience.




Exclusively with your HannsPad, you can also buy a stylish leather case for safe portability and ergonomic use with or without a bluetooth keyboard.




Our aim is to ensure that you enjoy your Hannspree Tablet in every way, and for that reason everything is custom made, offering a more personalised feel and enjoyment, along with custom made accessories to suit your every need.

Sound Quality

Amazing audio through stereo speakers


Whether you're watching movies or listening to music, the HannsPad 10.1” HD SN1AT74's stereo speakers provide unmatched sound quality and performance.




Trim Function - Preventing your Tablet from getting sliggish over time


The TRIM function has been integrated in the HannsPad 10.1” HD SN1AT74. The TRIM command clears out dead, unused space on the tablet keeping high and fast performance over time.


What are the benefits of TRIM?

Have you ever noticed how your PC, tablet, or phone begins to age after a few months? Things just get slower. It doesn’t boot up as fast, apps don’t install as quickly. Everything feels sluggish. This has been a problem with computers for as long as they’ve been around.

However this is not a problem anymore on the new HannsPad 10.1” HD SN1AT74 thanks to the TRIM function.


How does TRIM work?

During the normal usage of the tablet various apps, files and videos are loaded in the device.

These apps and even the system apps will constantly write and delete temporary files to the memory. Every time data is written to flash storage in your Android tablet or smartphone, the storage controller makes note of where the blocks are located physically and logically.

When these files are deleted the Operating system will mark these memory blocks as deleted but the Memory controller will still think these blocks are occupied with data.

This over time leads to the system trying to use the next memory block in succession till it finds a free block.

Only once it runs out of space will it re-evaluate these non-useable but free blocks

This needless search for a free block of memory to write to leads to a slowdown of the device.

TRIM essentially goes through the file records and frees up blocks that you’ve deleted by telling the controller to stop keeping track of them.

In the simplest terms TRIM makes it so that the memory controller knows that these deleted/ unused memory blocks are actually useable extending the tablets window before lack of space slows down the tablet. 

Ultra HD

Mini-HDMI port


For those of you who need a superior view, you can plug the HannsPad 10.1” HD SN1AT74 into your HDTV to experience the complete Android™ interface on your compatible TV. Just connect the tablet via the mini HDMI port to your TV and enjoy a HD Cinema experience from your HannsPad on your extra-large screen.



Great for watching videos or sharing that gaming session on the big screen. At the office you can connect it to a HDMI supporting monitor or a projector for your convenience.


Great Connectivity


Connecting to Wi-Fi networks

Built-in 300M Hi-speed Wi-Fi module, will provide you with fast access to all things you like and will help you stay in touch with your friends, family and business partners using emails and social networks. 


Share content on your HannsPad 10.1” HD Quad Core with other devices quickly and easily. Activate the Bluetooth connections, synchronise the devices and job done! You can transfer any file in a matter of seconds – with no need for cables or Internet connections.


Connect your mouse, keyboard, memory stick or other external USB-devices via the Micro-USB OTG with the OTG Cable for greater interactivity and an experience that’s even more complete. 


Extended Hi-Speed DDR3 1GB RAM drives the entire system faster without lag



1GB DDR3 is a high speed and high bandwidth RAM. It also consumes very low power. It consumes 30% less than normal DDR2


60 bit ECC Nandflash

NAND FLASH 16GB (Default) on main board


MicroSD expansion Slot

A MicroSD expansion slot supports an additional 32GB of storage


Please note Micro SD card is not included with Hannspad 10.1" HD

2 way sync

Two way sync with Hannspree Devices is just at your fingertips


Two-Way sync between your Android tablet and touchscreen monitor


Use your touchscreen monitor to control your Android tablet


Send Emails, watch Full HD videos, edit office documents, play games and browse the web, better &faster than ever before.

Long Battery Life

Long Battery Life


A powerful battery of 6000mAh now works even longer with the possibility to charge via the micro USB port providing you with extra mobility.


Power-optimized to keep up with you, so you can talk, listen, watch, and play longer without worrying about battery life.

Despite the high battery capacity, the tablet is still light.


Hannspree Europe Holdings B.V. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice. Non-metric weights and measurements are approximate.


All brand, product, Service names and logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective manufactures and companies. Screen shot are simulated. Actual products may differ slightly from those illustrated on this promotion material.


Please refer to actual samples for final selection. The products displayed on this promotion material may not be available for purchase in your particular country or locality. Please check with Hannspree authorized representatives for the availability of specific products in your area.


Hannspree reserves the right to alter design and specifications as well as to change the accessories with equivalents without notice.

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