HANNSpad 101 HELIOS - 10.1” WiFi


HANNSpad 101 HELIOS - 10.1” WiFi - 0
  • Quad Core / ARM Cortex A7 / 1.3Ghz
  • 10.1” LED Backlight Panel
  • 1024x600 Resolution
  • 1GB Ram
  • 8GB Internal Memory (Up to 32GB via Micro-SD)
  • OS  Android 5.1 (Lollipop), model 2016 as from S/N 547362FT00001
  • Dual Camera
  • GPS and FM Functions
  • HDMI Output
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CPU MT8127, ARM Cortex-A7 Quad-Core@1.3GHz
GPU Mali450 MP
Memory Built-in 8GB Memory, Supported Micro SD/Micro SDHC Card (Max 32GB)
Display 10.1" TN screen, 1024*600 pixels, 16:9
Screen rotation G-Sensor
Toch Panel 5 Points Capacitive multi-touch screen
Networking IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 
Bluetooth 4.0
Phone Technology External 3G USB Dongle
Camera Front Facing 0.3MP and Rear Facing 2.0MP
Audio Input Built-in Microphone
Audio Output 3.5mm Earphone & Built-in speakers
I/O Interface HDMI Output, Micro SD, Micro SDHC, Micro USB , Earphone Jack
Battery Li-ion Battery 5,000mAh@3.7V, battery video playback time MAX 4 hours
Case Type Plastic

Android 5.1 (Lollipop), model 2016 as from S/N 547362FT00001

Software Supper Google play, Browser, E-Mail, Google maps, Office suite, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube ect.
Support OTA (Hannspree has own server)
Support CTS (Hannspree provides GMS Lab and Vastking supports GMS debug)
Accessories USB Cable Length 1 x 120CM
Adaptor Cable Length 1 x 120CM
OTG Cable 1 x 80mm
In the box Quick Start Guide, USB cable, OTG, Power adapter
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The  HannsPad 101 Helios is powered with a Quad Core processor ARM Cortex A7 1.3Ghz, Mediatek MT8127 chipset. 



This new processor brings new advanced multimedia features in combination with the MALI450-MP graphic Processor Unit (GPU) and 1Gb of RAM and delivers high performance in multimedia and graphics demanding applications. 



Achieve the fastest speeds and high performance at a lower power consumption. 




Take your HannsPad 10.1” HannsPad 101 Helios with you on your trip as it can also serve you as a GPS navigator.  



Thanks to the integrated GPS receiver change your tablet into a navigation device with a user-friendy GPS interface. 



The HannsPad 101 Helios also features a FM Radio function, so you can listen your favourite stations wherever you are.  

The HannsPad 101 Helios features a superior multi-points capacitive touch display for responsive input whether you're surfing the net or playing games. The device responds quickly while taping, draging or swiping.  





Sky Go lets you stream Sky TV on your HannsPad 101 Helios, so you don't have to be tied up to your TV. 



Trim Function - Preventing your Tablet from getting sliggish over time


The TRIM function has been integrated in the HannsPad 101 Helios. The TRIM command clears out dead, unused space on the tablet keeping high and fast performance over time.


What are the benefits of TRIM?

Have you ever noticed how your PC, tablet, or phone begins to age after a few months? Things just get slower. It doesn’t boot up as fast, apps don’t install as quickly. Everything feels sluggish. This has been a problem with computers for as long as they’ve been around.

However this is not a problem anymore on the new HannsPad 10.1” HD SN1AT74 thanks to the TRIM function.


How does TRIM work?

During the normal usage of the tablet various apps, files and videos are loaded in the device.

These apps and even the system apps will constantly write and delete temporary files to the memory. Every time data is written to flash storage in your Android tablet or smartphone, the storage controller makes note of where the blocks are located physically and logically.

When these files are deleted the Operating system will mark these memory blocks as deleted but the Memory controller will still think these blocks are occupied with data.

This over time leads to the system trying to use the next memory block in succession till it finds a free block.

Only once it runs out of space will it re-evaluate these non-useable but free blocks

This needless search for a free block of memory to write to leads to a slowdown of the device.

TRIM essentially goes through the file records and frees up blocks that you’ve deleted by telling the controller to stop keeping track of them.

In the simplest terms TRIM makes it so that the memory controller knows that these deleted/ unused memory blocks are actually useable extending the tablets window before lack of space slows down the tablet. 

Mini-HDMI port


For those of you who need a superior view, you can plug the HannsPad 101 Helios into your HDTV to experience the complete Android™ interface on your compatible TV. Just connect the tablet via the mini HDMI port to your TV and enjoy a HD Cinema experience from your HannsPad on your extra-large screen.



Great for watching videos or sharing that gaming session on the big screen. At the office you can connect it to a HDMI supporting monitor or a projector for your convenience.

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