TEST MUSIC is a specialist in development, design and construction methodologies both in the field of classical and virtual organics. Virtual organs - virtual pipe organs or VPOs - use the Hauptwerk software, which makes the most prestigious and popular cane organs in the world accessible to all musicians.

The software is a great digital library, designed for both studio and practice, and concerts and liturgy, enabling the authentic and detailed simulation of a cane organ with high audio resolution. In practice each barrel is recorded, to register the entire sound body of an organ (thousands of barrels) with sophisticated and state-of the-art techniques, recreating a virtual "playable" copy of the instrument: ‘sampling’. Recorded audio samples are stored on a computer and playback of songs is performed through MIDI devices connected to keyboards and pedals.

The TEST MUSIC consoles have been designed as a "controller" for the Hauptwerk software and are designed and built to accommodate ergonomically-designed, touch-sensitive monitors, a computer and the necessary amplification, in the most appropriate position for the sound diffusion of the pipe organ

The software user interface is fully optimized for use with touch screens: with simple touch commands and control panels, all key functions are easily accessible and give a clear visual feedback of all associated states. There are several "mini" control panels and possible window locations, which are stored separately for each organ, so that they can be optimally arranged, depending on the features and layout most appropriate for each individual and specific virtual organ. Similarly, the different "slip" tool bars are customizable, remembering the functions and positions assigned separately for each organ.

With touch screens, you can view virtual console screens in full-screen mode and with auto-zoom, make more use of the available visual space. Some sampling groups support multiple orientations, for example; allowing display of virtual shutdown screens mounted on the touch screens in the vertical format.



Hannspree's touch screen monitor and tablet PC proposal gives us a guarantee of both the quality and performance of display solutions, both in terms of support and assistance.



The experience gained with the development of organ consoles and the integration of touch technology - with large format tablet PCs for sheet music and touch screen monitors as a sound controller - today allows us to provide innovative solutions for various musical instruments, thus expanding our service and support to the study of music to an increasing number of professional musicians, students or simply enthusiasts. We are also working on innovative display solutions integrated with pedalling; Solutions that will allow for greater freedom in displaying content.





Str. Vic. Battifoglia 14/N

06132 S. Andrea delle Fratte (PG)

Tel 075/8788003

Products & Services:


Touch Monitor  HT231HPB - 23”

Tablet PC TITAN 2 - 13.3"


With simple touch commands, through the control panels all the key functions of the virtual organs are controllable. An application now available for various musical instruments./strong>


"Our commitment has always been to design and develop innovative solutions to provide service and support for the music studio. Hannspree solutions enable us to integrate the most reliable and affordable technology and to use our experience to customise solutions to the needs of our customers.” " 

Prof. Ferruccio Platoni


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