FAQ Micro PC

How to set Internet Explorer as the default web browser?
  • Go to “Apps (by name)” and click “Default Programs”.
  • Click “Set program access and computer defaults”.
  • Click “Custom”.
  • Select “Internet Explorer”, and then click OK.
How to disable the passwords auto save feature?
  • Go to “Control Panel”.
  • Click “Network and Internet”.
  • Click “Internet Options”.
  • Go to “Content” and click “Settings”.
  • Cancel “Usernames and passwords on forms”, then click OK.
How to pin Touch Keyboard to taskbar?
  • Go to “Desktop”, then click menu of the taskbar.
  • Click Toolbars and select Touch Keyboard.
How to disable Windows Update?
  • Go to “Control Panel”.
  • Go to “System and Security”.
  • Click “Turn automatic updating on or off” under “Windows Update”.
  • Select “Never check for updates (not recommended), then click OK.
How do I disable the hibernate feature to increase the storage space?
  • Go to “Command Prompt (Admin).
  • Enter “powercfg –h off”.
How can I recover the OS using a USB flash disk?
  • Download the “image” file Here.
  • Download the Instructions Here.
  • Follow the “Micro PC recovery by USB SOP intructions to proceed.
How to add commonly used icons on the desktop?
  • Go to “Desktop” and “Personalise”.
  • Click “Change desktop icons”.
  • Select for example “Computer”, then click OK.
How do I reinstall Windows?
  • Go to “PC settings”.
  • Click “Update and recovery”.
  • Click “Recovery”.
How to free up the disk space on Windows?
  • Go to “This PC”.
  • Click “Properties” of Windows (C:).
  • Click “Disk Clean-up”.
How to change the system language?

To change the language of your Windows 8.1 Micro PC. please click here to donwload the PDF SOP and follow thew instructions.

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