Key Features of Paper Display

    Sunlight Readable

  • Paper display utilize ambient light that is suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Ambient contrast ratio of paper display remains 30 under sunlight, which means there is no washout issue.

    Wide Temperature Range

  • In low temperature, the liquid crystals in traditional displays react more slowlu and turn solid gradually (crystallized). In high temperature, liquid crystals liquefy and cause abnormal images.
  • Paper display is designed with wide temperature range technology and can maintain normal performance under extreme weather (-30°C ~ 85°C).
  • It is suitable for outdoor devices, such as industrial control, vehicle, smart signs, EV charging stations, parking systems, smartbus timetable, digital signboards and many more.

    16.7 Million Full-color Technology 

  • Paper display can show various styles on demand. Either in black/white or full color, any ideas can be presented precisely. 

    Fast Response Time 

  • Fast response time: Supporting dynamic data update. Adopting fewer ms results in smoother transitions. 
  • No extra power consumption: Either under flashing highlight function or advertisement function.

    Eye Care

  • Paper display without backlight (Blue Light) to reduce eye hazard.

    Ultra Low Power Consumption

  • Without backlight: Paper display power consumption reduced up to 80%.
  • In addition, compare to normal IC (operation frequency is 60Hz), paper display IC operation frequency is 1Hz including on and off mode.

    Paper Like

  • Paper display is designed with STP (Soft Texture Paper) technology to achieve coefficient of static friction > 0.3fs.
  • Draw and write like on paper: Paper display reduce muscle fatigue causedby writing on a glass tablet.


    Painting Like

  • Crystal Nano Pixel Technology for enhanced viewing experience.
  • Reflection coefficient of less than 1% for crystal-clear viewing.
  • Reduced ambient light interruptions compared to traditional displays.
  • High contrast and vibrant saturation for lifelike content.