Partner Name – Idea Informatica srl

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Headquarters – Bassano del Grappa (VI)

HANNspree Solutions – HANNSpad Tablet PC

Region – EMEA / Italia





High resolution LCD displays in 8 “10” 12 “15” formats



“The HANNspree display portfolio, thanks to the different formats available, allows us to offer our customers a complete, functional and flexible solution, with dynamic pricing, and which is adaptable according to the layout of the store,” says Vittorio Panero, owner of Eurovisual. “The collaboration with HANNspree also gives us a guarantee of continuity over time and qualified, competent support across the Italian territory.”




We chose HANNspree as a manufacturer as it was able to provide innovative technology in the format suited to implementation needs. We have evaluated several solutions before choosing HANNSPREE products. HANNspree were able to provide us a guarantee of service and a more interesting quality / price ratio compared to other players on the market.



Ideal Signage is a digital solution that improves the efficiency of a store with management of electronic displays integrated in the network and updated in real-time.


The compact displays can be used in different departments and sales points to replace price tags, convey immediate discounts, display promotional content and inform about product features. They have the great advantage of being able to be updated in real-time, accurately and constantly throughout the entire store, simultaneously enhancing the purchase experience for the customer. For a supermarket, particularly in departments of perishable products, such as fruit, vegetables and dairy products, adjustments of sales prices can also take place several times a day, furthermore the description of products and characteristics (provenance, calibre, quality class, type of packaging) can be changed, which is otherwise a rather time-consuming process. With an electronic system you can simplify and automate the entire management, speeding up and improving the efficiency of the activities of the store, as well as the staff allocated to assist customers in the purchase phase.


The interface on each display is intuitive and graphically customisable. They can be installed in different hardware configurations, the most suitable chosen for specific needs and the degree of interactivity desired between the point-of-sale and the consumer.




  • Adopt a centralised, automatic and dynamic pricing system
  • Promote products more effectively at the point-of-sale
  • Optimise staff activities




  • Adoption of Ideal Signage as an intuitive software solution for managing dynamic prices and real-time promotional campaigns
  • Implementation of HANNspree high resolution LCD display in various formats 8 “10” 12 “15” in the Fruit and Vegetable departments with support, via electrified track (hanging or wall), for maximum wiring simplicity
  • Personalised solution integrated with the lighting system of the products displayed