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Touch Monitor 21.5” HT225HPB

Android Box 5.1


Intercomp e HANNspree insieme per il progetto custom design di realizzazione degli innovativi totem multimediali interattivi di Lottomatica 




It was chosen as the only manufacturer capable of providing innovative technology customizable on implementation needs. The design approach, solution reliability and responsiveness in problem solving are the criteria that have enabled the creation and delivery of a customized solution.



Intercomp S.p.A., an Italian company founded in 1983, specializes in the design and production of workstations, servers, computers integrated in industrial equipment, Digital Signage systems and Multemedial Totems. The strategic partnership between Intercomp and HANNspree, for its versatility in production and tailor-made design capabilities, has enabled it to develop a multimedia totem with high technological value.

Better has a network of betting professionals with over 1,500 retail outlets throughout Italy, an online site, a telebetting system and a mobile channel. Always updated on any type of sport, it offers rankings, results, betting types and more. In every Better Point you will find the new, modular, modular corners, designed in a functional and welcoming manner to offer a more advanced and more enjoyable gaming experience, dynamic entertainment and self-service access.



  • Create a new dynamic store concept that is accessible to everyone, integrating new and fun forms of entertainment
  • Make a fully self-service device in combination with several applications and in communication with other peripherals (mobile devices and user APPs)
  • Safeguard ergonomic design and maximum interactivity with users



  • Multimedia Totem maximum interactivity: integration two HANNspree 22-inch P-Cap touchscreen displays with capacitive technology and HANNspree Android Box, allowing users to interact simultaneously with multiple elements and at the same time monitor the performance of games
  • Total Compatibility with AppBetter, the system allows users to receive and send data to the App on smartphones and tablet devices
  • Totally independent, the totem can be used in self-service mode, can accept banknotes, coins and credit cards
  • The ergonomic totem supports the wide viewing surface of the two touchscreens, which, thanks to the frameless 3-sided frame and high visual quality, meet the design and functionality requirements