We offer a wide range of touch display solutions that can be customized and directly integrated into vending machines. HANNspree is already dealing with a major European vending machine producer and cooperates closely with them to develop a tailor made display solution to fulfil specific requirements and features.

  • Hard Glass screen protection ensures durability, providing extra defence against everyday use and environmental factors.
  • Long-Life environmentally friendly panels with very low energy consumption
  • Individual fulfilment with bespoke options such as; control, power supply and mounting/installation.


HANNspree is already dealing with one of the major European vending machine producers and developed for them a tailor made display solution to fulfil specific requirements and features.


Available in different sizes, our toughened Hard Glass fronted LED Monitors (7H hardness rating) are designed specifically for schools, colleges and universities, offering protection from impacts and dirt for a long life solution.


Hannspree signed an agreement with one of the most important European vending machine suppliers.

Hannspree, one of the leading manufacturers specialised in Display visual technologies and FAS International, one of the most important European Vending Machines producers leader in the Snack & Food distribution, have signed a technological partnership. Based on this agreement, Hannspree has been appointed as the FAS’s “Official Display Technology Partner”, and will provide high-end touch display products to be integrated into the new FAS vending machines.


Vending machines are now part of our daily lives, they welcome us everywhere: office, school, canteens and public areas. They are also used in traditional shops as touch-point info. According to a recent survey made by Accenture and commissioned by Confida (Italian Association of vending machines), 30 million of Italians are using vending machines and, in the future, the product diversification and service improvement for customer’s satisfaction will be even more necessary.

“We are very pleased to have signed this agreement with FAS International. The partnership will give a great contribution to the development of new solutions with touch displays, tailored to the specific needs of the vending sector, “- has declared Simone Renso, Hannspree European Product & Marketing Manager. “This new partnership shows Hannspree’s commitment to use its production capability in implementing and supporting customers with “tailor-made” customised solutions with dedicated display products” “We are engaged in a technological renewal process applied to our entire range of Vending Machines,” has said Ivo Pancheri, Product Manager of FAS International S.p.A. “The agreement with Hannspree, as a technology partner and representative for the European market, gives us the reliability and the service necessary to support the development of the company even further. » Hannspree 13.3” panel with IPS display is integrated in hot drink machines: FAS 300T & FAS 500T while FASTER TMT, machine range is dedicated to the selling of bigger size products.

TRITECH TOUCH touch compactor and trituration machines are with 7” IPS display and glass TP type. All these solutions have been carefully customized in order to fulfil the specific needs of the vending sector: hard glass protection, Android SO, no battery, improved LED backlight for a longer panel lifetime, USB Hub Port and external connector in order to control and switch on the tablet allowing easy reset and remote configuration. The automatic @DINING-Mensa, is addressed for meal supply, the most complete solution for canteens, and it is equipped with the latest touch monitor 21.5” by HANNspree. The new FAS product range of vending machines will enter in production in Autumn 2016 and it has already been previewed to the market at Venditalia Fair, 4-7 May 2016, Milan, Italy.


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