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HANNspree makes noise again in the Spanish market

The manufacturer of monitors and tablets is currently betting on a channel of national wholesalers The manufacturer of monitors and tablets, HANNspree, which belongs to the Taiwanese corporation HannStar Display, is once again betting decisively on the Spanish market. At least in terms of communication. “HANNspree’s activity in Spain has remained firm in recent years, but now we are strengthening our communication with the aim of making the brand known and establishing it among its target audience,” stresses Almudena Bayón, local sales manager. On a commercial level, HANNspree has been favoured since the outbreak of the pandemic by the emergence of sales of monitors for teleworking, distance education…

The rise of hardware integration applications featuring open frame displays

How the rise of hardware integration applications featuring open frame displays presents new lucrative sales opportunities for the IT channel. Digital display with user interaction has become extremely commonplace in recent years and continues to replace existing, alternative methods which are now considered outdated. The exponential uptake of digital display in a vast number of commercial and industrial sectors, such as retail, hospitality and production line, has created a huge ‘hardware integration’ market for display manufacturers and the possible applications are ever emerging. The sheer size of this market makes it an extremely lucrative business to have a foot in….