Technology Introduction

Argentum Birefringence Technology

Ambient Contrast Ratio 30:1

A traditional display uses a backlight to show images, but it can be difficult to see clearly in direct sunlight. In contrast, a paper display utilizes Argentum Birefringence Technology, which fullly utilizes ambient light. This technology makes the display highly readable even for outdoor applications and increases clarity, especially when exposed to strong sunlight. 

Technology_Argentum Birefringence Technology

Ambient light-powered displays

Sustainable brightness all day long

Traditional displays require a backlight to operate, which consumes more energy in low-light environments. By fully utilizing ambient light, paper display can adjust to different brightness levels, resulting in increased energy efficiency and reduced power consumption. By embracing this technology, we can move towards a future of low-carbon energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Technology_Ambient Light

Natural color.

What you see is what you get.

Paper display is built upon Natural Colour System, which redefines colors based on what eyes can see and restores natural color in its appearance for the eyes to enjoy a new colorful world without strain.

Technology_Natural Colour System

Mini LED 1344 zone.

Delicate zones to recreate real-life images.

Paper display is built with Mini LED lightsource adjustment technology and is equipped with 1344 backlight zones to show the tiniest difference in the image and represent blackness, chromaticnes, and hue, to show real colors to the world in perfection. 

Technology_Mini LED 1344 backlight zone

RIQ value <5

A display like paper

Reflected Image Quality (RIQ) is a metric used to assess the reflection of ambient light on an object's surface. Unlike traditional displays with higher reflectance that can cause distorted images, paper displays provide a visual experience that closely resembles paper itself and offers a more natural and comfortable viewing experience.

Technology_RIQ value less than 5

STP Paper-like Technology 

Coefficient of Static Friction >0.3fs for real paper touch 

Paper display is designed with STP (Soft Texture Paper) technology to achieve paper-like properties: coefficient of static friction >0.3fs, and haze >30% for low reflectance to reproduce authentic paper touch.
Draw and Write like on paper: Paper Display reduce muscle fatigue causedby writing on a glass tablet. 

Technology_Soft Texture Paper Technology

CNP painting-like technology 

Reflection Coefficient <1% for authentic brush feel

Paper display features Crystal Nano Pixel Technology to create reflection coefficient <1%. It reduces ambient light interruption more effectively than traditional display does. It precisely shows high contrast and high saturation and create elevated effect as in oil painting.

Technology_Crystal Nano Pixel Technology