Portable Monitor 15.6 Home office today, on my business trip tomorrow. Monitor HL 161 CGB Touch Monitor 161 CGB Hannspree HS9 Series HS9 Series Premium monitors with
high-end performance
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Stay at home – work at home with Hannspree!

HANNspree explores how to be best equipped to create a smooth balance between living and livelihood when working from home. Covid-19 has presented extraordinary circumstances to which we have all had to adapt. One of the most profound changes in our white-collar world is the order to work from home when the virus is rife. Some may be lucky enough to have a dedicated workspace along with the necessary hardware to smoothly transition to their home office during a lockdown. Millions of other employees, however, have had to carve a workspace in their homes and invest in essential equipment. In…

Touch Technology is the very essence of HMI in today’s world.

THEN & NOW  From almost nothing to a colossal commodity in today’s technology-driven world, touchscreen technology has undoubtedly become the first choice for the human-machine interface. Hasn’t it come such a long way since its conception back in the 1960’s! Touchscreen technology has not enjoyed an easy journey. It took almost 50 years from invention before it became popularised and along the way, many companies tried and failed to develop products that would catch the public eye enough to sustain a profitable business. This was primarily because touch technology was too expensive. But touchscreens were always surrounded with intrigue, a…