POS Stand Compact


Professional VESA Stand for POS applications: perfect for any point of sale system.

If you are looking for a POS stand, you need height adjustability, low profile footprint for maximum counter space, and finally a wide range of flexibility.

This sturdy solution is designed for checkout counters, kiosks, or any point of sales station requiring vertical adjustability and durability.

The vertical adjustability makes this a truly ergonomic solution for touch screen applications for users of all heights in order to deliver the most comfortable viewing position, whilst the durable design ensures a long life display accessory for public environments.

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  • Single LCD Monitor Adjustable Desk Mount Stand
  • Suitable for 10.1’’ ~ 21.5’’ Touch Monitors
  • Multiple VESA hole pattern 75×75 and 100x100mm
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Material ABS and Metal Plates
  • Built for tough retail environments
  • Designed for Touch Screen LCDs
  • Reset height in seconds


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