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Review – Delta E

Max value  2.0 / Min value 0 / Average value 1.0


Delta, the forth alphabet of Greek letters, is commonly used to represent the difference of two values.

To measure the difference of two colours, Delta E is then the common tool used.

The smaller the value is, the closer and the similar the two colours are in RGB, hue, and lighting.

For people who care about colour accuracy of monitor display, a Delta E below 3.0 or for more professional purpose 2.0 will be essential.

The Hannspree HQ272PQD Quantum Dot display has reached an average value of Delta E 1.0

from 48 colour samples tested in an equitable review, with the maximal Delta E value at 2.0.

Hannspree strives to keep continuously improving the lighting and visual effect of its displays by taking the steady technological steps forward.

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