Industry 4.0 - HANNspree touch monitors onboard Moveco production machines
increase production efficiency.



Moveco S.r.l.


Manufacture of hydraulic components and systems


Hannspree 22 “and 27” Touch Screen Monitors


Touch Screen Displays


8.000.000€ +


EMEA – Italy

Moveco designs and manufactures hydraulic components and systems, with a product catalogue that includes helical rotary actuators and integrated circuits. The company has adopted a verticalized management system for the entire production process (MES – Manufacturing Execution System). The touch displays connected to a micro-controller and a micro barcode reader help the operators to select and verify the production phases, ensuring product and process trace-ability, production quality and optimized lead times.

Production data is easily collected directly on the machine and analyzed in an integrated manner based on order flows – work progress and real-time timing are also monitored.

Thanks to the integrated data communication between MRP (Manufacturing resource planning) / MES / PDM (Product data management) it is also possible to view all the technical data of the processed articles (technical data sheets / files of design) and view the videos of the assembly items directly on the HANNspree touch screens which are: 22″ on the machines and 27″ on the assembly and test benches.

``The control and management of all processes are fundamental to optimize the realization of our products and to preserve the competitive advantage that the market requires``

Declared Marco Rotti, CEO of Moveco.

A computerized production system (MES – Manufacturing Execution System) manages and controls the production functionality in Moveco, a company specializing in the design and production of hydraulic systems.

The touch displays used on the machine to facilitate the operator’s production operations, ensure real-time control of the production phase, allowing the company to optimize times and processes.

Product Details & Implementation

Hannspree 22 “and 27” Touch Screen Displays

In just 6 months customized Hannspree products have successfully passed all homologation tests in order to proceed with wholesale production


  • To control the entire production process able to interact with the management and production management software
  • Allow effective scheduling of production requests with shared information
  • Optimize component machining times and assembly phases
  • Adopt intuitive and easy-to-use control panels to install on CNC work centers
  • Monitor internal processes to improve product quality and the quality of human resources


  • Implement a production execution control system (MES)
  • Install HANNspree touch displays, capacitive & multi-touch, on each machine, with micro controllers and USB barcode micro readers
  • Reduce operator times and facilitate panel control operations
  • Optimize the transfer of data and information regarding the state of operation of the machine and assembly of the components
  • Support the workings of the operators who can assemble the components with the help of video interfaces

``Thanks to the support of our partner Sigma Service and its partnership with HANNspree, we have identified the most effective and suitable solution for our company, also taking advantage of the important contributions offered by Industry 4.0.``

Why Hannspree?

HANNspree touchscreen panels have been chosen as valid alternatives to industrial panels on the market.

HANNspree has guaranteed us the functionality necessary for the type of application and the availability of different formats; also has an undoubted competitive advantage over market competitors, with quality products that are more affordable.

Partner: Sigma Services

Sigma Services is a company with 20-years of experience in IT. Thanks to the consolidated experience and knowledge of the bases of programming systems, it guarantees the development of solutions and services able to satisfy the current production requests with advanced communication systems linked to the reality of Industry 4.0.

For the development of the Moveco project it was necessary to identify the right hardware for the needs, integrate into an industrial environment by providing a software architecture that is as intuitive as possible for the operator, but at the same time with an important data collection that can be integrated into your MES . Only thanks to a 360 degree knowledge of an information system linked to production, the project could become a success story.